Chandos Erwin

HubSpot Solutions for Startups

Chandos Erwin
HubSpot Solutions for Startups

Simplifying & Magnifying the Power of HubSpot: Solutions to Fast-Track Growth for Startup Businesses

Let us help you accelerate your sales potential. After many (collective) years of helping complex, global enterprises drive business growth—six of them as Hydro Studios—we know that we can offer a compelling and affordable solution to startups. You don’t have time for any of this. And we do. Getting started right is so much easier & less expensive than fixing it later. Hydro Studios is well-oiled, well-armed & built on a proven service. 

Hydro is what happens when smart technology and key lessons learned with complex clients come together with strong hands-on skills.

What’s in the “Hydro For Startups” Plan?

Are you a startup with a limited budget who's looking to grow fast? If you need help to drive more traffic to your site and increase conversions, this plan is for you.


Includes Technical & Program Onboarding

2 Premium Content Offer Campaigns
including landing pages, marketing automation, email nurture, social media & blog posts

Keyword Research & On Page SEO
Make sure buyers can find you, your site & your products

Review & edit your creative development & copywriting
including editorial calendar development to help make content marketing manageable

Sales & CRM Automation
including sales process & pipeline set-up plus 4 automated email sequences

Measure, Analyze & Optimize
including benchmark set-up, dashboard reports account management, monthly & quarterly strategic business reviews

Paid Media Management
Step up to Hydro Core or Hydro Plus if you're ready for Paid Media Management

You Can Get More…


Affordable Experience
to help you confidently go-to-market

50+ years—combined, of course—of hard-earned experience combined with today’s wicked smart technology. Building on those who have forged a path before but never being held back.

From startups to global enterprises: we know what it takes to make growth happen. And we can do it for you. Affordably, because we’ve done it before.


Proven Technology
Push-button, ever-evolving & robust toolset

We’ve tried them all. Ok, lots of them anyway. And we work on many platforms. That said, we believe that for most companies looking to attract visitors, convert leads, close & retain customers, HubSpot is the marketing and sales platform to use.

We’ve become a HubSpot Gold Partner. And we’re all in. A team & practice committed to using our experience & energy to help you grow.


Nimble Teamwork
Hands-on skills you can count on

A young, energetic, passionate team with experienced leadership gets work done efficiently & effectively. Knowing & focusing on what’s needed when it’s needed. Grounded & pragmatic because you need practical, scalable programs that will grow with you.

A clear schedule. A single, assigned point of contact. Regularly scheduled reporting metrics that matter.

Hydro Studios also offers solutions for small to mid-size businesses & custom solutions for large or complex enterprise businesses.

Goodness in Every Plan


Technical & Program Onboarding
Choose the right HubSpot license, set-up your HubSpot portal, users, email & preference page, import contacts, site functionality & performance benchmark report, persona, content inventory & decision stage mapping.


Account Management
Experienced, dedicated account manager to lead regular status and strategy meetings along with quarterly business review sessions.


Enterprise Skills
Hydro Studios’ deep experience working with complex enterprise clients means that your business can get to the solution faster and cheaper.


Measured Success
SMART goal setting, set-up of reporting dashboards for marketing and sales, automated monthly metrics reporting.


Editorial Calendar
Develop a manageable and sustainable editorial calendar to drive content campaigns & promotions. Includes a twelve month road map, workflow automation and more.


HubSpot Gold Partner
From helping you choose the HubSpot subscription that fits your needs at the best price to using the access we have to help you succeed, we’re here to get the most out of HubSpot for your business.

More Goodness in Every Plan:
Technical & Program Onboarding


Technical Onboarding

  • HubSpot licensing & pricing assistance

  • HubSpot portal set-up

  • User account provisioning

  • Subscription preference center set-up

  • DNS set-up for email, landing pages & meetings

  • Set-up and configuration of contacts, companies & deals

  • Contacts import

  • HubSpot tracking & reporting set-up

Program Onboarding

  • Site functionality & performance benchmark report

  • Keyword research, recommendations & tune-up

  • Social media audit, recommendations & tune-up

  • Content inventory & decision-stage-mapping

  • Buyer persona(s) development

  • SMART goal setting

  • Editorial calendar & 12-month content road map

  • HubSpot user training & support



+ What happens next?

Click to learn more & you'll get the detailed list of what each plan includes. Let's talk to make sure we're a good fit and that the plan you selected will meet your needs. Once you're signed up, technical and program onboarding starts immediately. And by that we mean, we'll start collecting the information needed to begin your nboarding in < 24 hours.

+ Do we have to sign a contract or make a long -term commitment?

Yes. We know from working with startups and global enterprises that it takes time and focus to see results from inbound marketing, so we like to work with you for at least 12-months. We get it though. Things change. Let's talk if you have to leave us. We're reasonable and want this to work for you.

+ What if I decide I want a different plan?

Easy! You can switch plans anytime after the first 90 days. Choose the plan that seems to fit best now and give it a try. You can always change your mind later.

+What if I need to cancel our subscription?

We'd really hate to lose you knowing that it takes time to see results from inbound marketing. We understand that things change though, so let's talk. We don't take prisoners.

+ Can I customize any of these packages?

We'd like to think we've set them up to give you the choices you'll need to get going quickly at the speed you need. That said, if you have a complex situation, check out the Hydro Custom plan and get in touch. We're happy to help.

+ Is the HubSpot license cost included in your plans?

The HubSpot license agreement is between you, the end-user, and HubSpot so we wouldn't want to get in the middle of that! We will help you decide which license plan will best meet your needs and work to get you the absolute best price available.

+ How much does the HubSpot license cost?

HubSpot license fees vary by plan options & number of contacts. HubSpot's list pricing is available on their website . Our minimum recommendation is a Marketing Hub Professional license.

+ What payment options do you offer?

We ask for the first months deposit and payment for month one to get started. After that, please pay by the 1st of each month.

+ Is our media buy included in the monthly subscription?

No. You want flexibility and we want you to have it.

+ What's the difference between Hydro for Startups and the Core packages?

With the Core package, we handle the creative development and copywriting for you. If you choose Hydro for Startups, you provide that content.

+ Wait, what? Is there onboarding every month?

Nope. Just once. At the beginning. We've learned how important it is to get started right so we do all the onboarding in the first month.

+ Why is there both technical AND program onboarding?

Technical Onboarding is setting up and configuring HubSpot to work for you and your customers. Program Onboarding is about marketing and sales planning.

+ Why don't I just license from HubSpot and do it myself?

Get traction faster. Let Hydro Studios implement modern robust growth marketing to accelerate your business growth now!

+ What makes Hydro Studios different?

Hydro Studios is what happens when wicked smart technology and key lessons learned from years of experience with complex clients comes together with high energy hands-on execution.

I’m Ready to Fast Track Growth