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Entertainment Marketing + Distribution

Our entertainment marketing and distribution group thrives on versatility and specializes in the theatrical release of event-driven and issue-based films, providing value-added distribution through unique, alternative means to reach audiences nationwide. From museums, libraries, and university campuses to independently-owned art house theaters, major multiplexes, community centers, and much more, we utilize one-of-a-kind vertically integrated model to build powerfully engaged audiences on a broad scale in settings typical and atypical. Read more about our film marketing and distribution services below, or check out some of our recent film releases and marketing campaigns.


Film Distribution

With a proven track record of successfully distributing independent feature films and documentaries, we know how to get films onto screens large and small. We also know how to reach the audiences that are crucial to the success of any release whether it be a cause-related topic or a broad comedy. Our integrated and collaborative approach allows us to work closely with filmmakers, producers and sponsor partners to plan and implement the right distribution campaign for the project. 


Film and TV Marketing

If you make it, they won't come. Unless you come up with a really good marketing plan, that is. From one-sheets and trailers to user-generated-content contests and event activations to social, content marketing and paid media campaigns, we find ways to generate awareness, build audiences, drive engagement and ultimately,  sell tickets and downloads. 



Film and TV Financing

While every day there are more and more outlets available for the distribution of film and television content, the revenue channels have shrunk exponentially. With VOD and streaming being the choice of most audiences and the vast amount of choices available, the return on investment in a film or television project is not guaranteed and content creators need to come up with innovative ways to fund their projects. From private investment to foreign pre-sales to sponsor partnership, we work with filmmakers to bring their projects to life.


Creative Services and Content Marketing

A memorable trailer and a good looking poster used to be all that was needed to support a film's release. Now, with audiences engaging across multiple social and communications platforms, filmmakers need to not only make their film, but to also develop a virtual library of content that can be viewed, liked, and shared throughout the campaign. With distribution and marketing under one roof, we are able to design and develop the right assets for the right platform that will support a successful release.  



Film + Series Development

We're not only the distributors of successful features and documentary films, but we make content, too. We work with filmmakers to create and develop original and adapted content that will be coming soon to a screen near you.