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Soufra, a full-length documentary produced by Rebelhouse Studiosfollows the journey of the world's most unlikely social entrepreneur, Mariam Shaar, as she strives to grow a catering business within a Beirut refugee camp.

Mariam, like many refugees featured in Soufra, has spent her entire life in the Burj El Barajneh refugee camp just south of Beirut, Lebanon. And like many refugees, Mariam has dreams of a better life, for both herself and the community. That's why Mariam and a group of fellow refugees set out to launch the catering company, Soufra, against all odds. Now, with the help of her catering team, Mariam continues to tackle challenges to further expand Soufra into a food truck business. In the process, Mariam goes where she's never gone before , pulling together Syrian, Iraqi, Palestinian and Lebanese women to work side by side and form beautiful friendships while running this thriving company. 

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Hydro Studios is partnering with Rebelhouse Studios to bring Soufra on a Global Tour, kicking off October 11th, International Day of the Girl.

Mariam’s journey allows us to portray the global face of female refugees, with food as a bridge to overcome all odds. Now, audiences will be able to share and educate others with Mariam’s story as an example to better understand lives that are affected by constant political and cultural barriers.

Join us on Oct. 11th #dayofthegirl as we kick off the film's theatrical event tour, celebrate food, raise awareness of refugee challenges and empower women and young girls all over the world with Soufra.


"Every refugee has a dream." 

-Mariam Shaar   


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Director and Producer
Thomas Morgan

Director of Photography
Johny Karam

Executive Producer
Susan Sarandon

Kathleen Glynn

Trevor Hall

Mohamed El Manasterly

Alex Seaver

Ken Joseph

Mariam Shaar