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Requiem For A Running Back

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Requiem  For A Running Back

Director Rebecca Carpenter’s father, Lewis Carpenter, was a world championship running back for Vince Lombardi’s Green Bay Packers.

Director and writer Rebecca Carpenter’s film Requiem For a Running Back hits a personal cord as she delves into the aftermath of the shocking revelation that her father, Green Bay Packer running back Lewis Carpenter, suffered from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). Lewis is the 18th NFL player diagnosed postmortem with this degenerative neurocognitive disorder which impacts athletes in contact sports including football, boxing, rugby, and motocross, to name a few.

The highly controversial nature of this “new” disease and the 3-year exploratory journey that Carpenter embarks upon with this film required a uniquely focused marketing campaign. The mission of the film is to bring mainstream awareness and conversation about CTE and TBI (traumatic brain injury), and to achieve this goal we will oversee all aspects of the theatrical release and cause-related campaign. In line with the film's purpose, the campaign's mission will be to engage audiences in a discussion of CTE and TBI and what preventative measures can be taken to decrease the number of athletes diagnosed each year.


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Director – Rebecca Carpenter
Cast – Mike Ditka, Bennet Omalu, and Ann McKee
Producer – Sara Dee
Executive Producers - Max Mayer, Rebecca Carpenter
Co-Producer - Eric Wycoff
Associate Producer - Parker Laramie