To Catch A Dollar

To Catch A Dollar, directed by Gayle Ferraro, follows Nobel Peace Prize winner Professor Mohammed Yunus as he brings his unique and revolutionary microfinance program to the US.

The film chronicles the compelling biography of Yunus, who spent years developing the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, which in 1983 became a fully licensed bank with a mission to eradicate poverty, not make a profit. Now that his system has proven to work in his home country, he brings the program to America while this film documents the stories of small-business women who were able to make a difference in their lives with these microloans.

The campaign for this film banked on public understanding and acceptance that these collateral free loans were not only possible but beneficial to society as a whole. We generated buzz through building a custom website and by setting up a one-day nationwide theatrical event in over 300 theaters across the country. Efforts were then supported by the print and digital marketing materials we created for the campaign. With the goal of encouraging individuals to support micro-finance funding for low-income households we organized nationwide grassroots outreach campaigns and worked with micro-finance groups to run pledge campaigns by partnering with Whole Foods Foundation and All State Insurance.

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Director - Gayle Ferraro

Cast- Muhammad Yunus