They Came to Play

They Came to Play

Award winning director, Alex Rotaru, chronicles the Fifth International Piano Competition for Outstanding Amateurs, hosted by The Van Cliburn Foundation.

The intense one-week competition provides both classically and self-trained pianists the opportunity to live out their dreams as the film documents the balance the individuals strive for between the demands of work and family with their love of music. 

With a focus on piano and music enthusiasts, we created a buzz-building campaign by engaging the target audience in a unique experience. As part of distribution and marketing in theaters across the country, we arranged a sponsorship agreement with Sherman Clay and Co. to provide grand pianos at select nationwide screenings. Additionally, we spread the word with promotional e-blasts about the screening tour to customers. The engagement expanded with the setup of a nationwide ancillary distribution that included retail DVD sales.

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Director – Alex Rotaru

Cast – Henri Robert Delbeau, Mark Fuller, Clark Griffith, Ken Iisaka
Producer(s) – Lori Miller