Jon Whelan makes his directorial debut in STINK! where he investigates the harmful chemicals found in the everyday products we use and how corporations can get away with purposefully and deceitfully harming consumers.

With an objective of bringing awareness to the harmful chemicals found in everyday beauty products, we collaborated with filmmakers to set up a multi-faceted media campaign around STINK!  We built buzz and engagement by setting up Q & A’s with leading experts in the field and further educated moviegoers on how they can take action—like throwing away chemically laced products (e.g. deodorants, colognes, shaving cream). We expanded our support and outreach for the film by negotiating sponsorship partnership with Seventh Generation and Beautycounter to underwrite the screening tour. The buzz gained further momentum as we worked with top environmental non-profit organizations including Safer Chemicals Healthier Families, Environmental Working Group, and the Breast Cancer Fund. 


Director - Jon Whelan

Cast - Jon Whelan

Producer - Jon Whelan