'Ingredients' Key Art

As chefs began to demand more sustainable ingredients, the farm-to-table phenomenon is born. Award-winning director, Robert Bates, explores the rise of this movement and its long-term effects on communities let down by current industrialized food in the feature-length documentary, "Ingredients."

By marrying the film's exploration of a thriving local food movement and community involvement we kicked things off by launching the screening campaign “Foodie.” The target was health-based food organizations and individuals committed to a healthier way of eating. Leading food companies like Whole Foods and Stony Field were interested in connecting their consumer base with “Ingredients,” allowing us the unique opportunity to build the relationship between vendors and audience by setting up sponsored screenings.

The result of this targeted outreach and engagement allowed us to negotiate ancillary distribution deals across digital platforms including iTunes and Amazon.



Director – Robert Bates

Cast – Bebe Neuwirth

Producer(s) – Brian Kimmel and Debra Sohm Lawson

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