Saffron Cassaday makes her directorial debut with "Cyber-Seniors." 

Saffron Cassaday makes her directorial debut with "Cyber-Seniors." The film is the product of a high school assignment created by her younger sisters Macaulee (16) and Kascha Cassaday (18) and chronicles the humorous, and heartwarming exploits of seniors and their teenage mentors as the generation gap narrows through technology education.

Thanks to producer Brenda Rusnak, who has taken her daughters' project and developed it into a successful program our ambition was to engage audiences of both ages who could benefit. By collaborating with the filmmakers, and maintaining the vitality of their message, our multi-faceted media campaign generated ticket, DVD, and VOD sales while increasing participation in the Cyber-Seniors program. In association with AARP, we also organized a nationwide screening program, featuring film and “computer tech” demonstrations. 

Our meticulous outreach and engagement continued with negotiated ancillary deals across all media platforms (e.g. iTunes, Amazon Prime, Netflix).


Director – Saffron Cassaday

Cast – Shura Eadie, Henri Pelletier, Max Schellenberg

Producer(s) – Brenda Rusnak

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