Empowering Yacht Sales & Marketing

Organizations of all shapes and sizes are discovering the power of CRM and marketing automation. Yacht builders and brokers should too.

Download our informational white paper.

An in-depth exploration into leveraging inbound marketing tactics for yacht sales.

Traditional ways of approaching sales and marketing are becoming less and less effective as buyers have turned to the internet to find, research and make their purchases.  This is certainly not new. But, for many industries, the sales and marketing processes have still not found ways to adapt.

The answer doesn't lie in simply putting products up on the web and running ads. Businesses need to find innovate ways to attract potential customers to their brand sites and social platforms. They then need to be able to customize the individual marketing and sales experiences to their customers' preferences by leveraging data and the business intelligence available through CRM and marketing automation tools like Hubspot. Once empowered, they can then more effectively move a customer through the buyers journey.

The custom experience shouldn't even stop there. Existing customers should be nurtured to the point that they become promoters and boost a business' effort to attract more potential customers.

With the high purchase prices of yachts and subsequent extended decision making time, the yachting industry is in a prime position to take advantage of tools and processes like this. To this effect, we have put together a white paper that offers an starter course on inbound marketing and how it could take yacht sales to the next level.