Writing in E(a)rnest...

Writing in E(a)rnest...
Devin Tupper Story Editor/Account Executive

Devin Tupper
Story Editor/Account Executive

For our new Story Editor Devin Tupper, growing up in the quiet town of Norfolk, Virginia was the key to accessing both his imagination and love for writing.

With nothing to do in his hometown, Devin spent his childhood days writing fan fiction, where you might find Voltron hanging out with Han Solo on the Millennium Falcon in the middle of Jurassic Park. Yet, when Devin first read Ernest Hemingway’s For Whom the Bells Toll in high school, he knew writing would be more than just a hobby.

Fast-forward to college in South Carolina, Devin discovered another passion: film. Classics like Bicycle Thieves, Kiss Me Deadly, and Following 1999 were all it took to realize that the combination of his two passions should become a career.

Armed with a bit of filmmaking experience at the New York Film Academy, Devin traveled all the way to London to attend the MET Film School, where he also found work experience with Big Light Productions. Here Devin had an opportunity to work within high profile projects such as Man in High Castle, Medici: Masters of Florence and season three of Crossing Lines. After proving himself within the company, Big Light Productions took Devin on as an Assistant Script Editor, and assigned him to the writer’s room of the hit series Ransom.

Before joining us at Hydro Studios, Devin gained even more experience with us as a freelance story editor on our series, Disruptors. It’s safe to say, we were more than happy to have him join the team full time.

In his spare time, Devin works on his first full length play and novel, while also enjoying open water swimming, reading the very layered texts of Haruki Murakami and sharing yummy cheese boards and wine with his girlfriend.

And, most importantly, if he could have any super power, he would have telekinetic abilities.

Welcome to the team, Devin!