The Ultimate Car Dog

Fans of the film Car Dogs did “whatever it took” to win.

Independent filmmakers often have to do whatever it takes to get their films in front of audiences who are bombarded with a constant barrage of big studio marketing efforts (especially as we head toward summer). To support our release of Adam Collis' latest film 'Car Dogs,' we turned the lens around and invited fans to do whatever it takes to win $4,000 in a fun UGC contest.  

Featuring George Lopez, Nia Vardalos and Octavia Spencer, 'Car Dogs' tells the darkly comedic story of a group of car dealers that have to sell three hundred cars in less than eight hours. Needless to say, they do whatever it takes. 

For our contest, George Lopez invited car dealers to submit a video of their best sales pitch. The winner, decided by audience votes, would walk away with $4,000 and the bragging rights of being 'The Ultimate Car Dog.'

We launched the campaign on Facebook using the WooBox contest platform and were blown away by how quickly submissions came in and the creativity of the content we received. Before we knew it, there was a heated competition between several of the leading contenders.

At the end of the two week long contest, we had a clear winner: real-life car salesman Luke (Tucker) Skywalker, went all out to win the contest. Luke went as far as asking for votes at a public speaking event and calling into The G&E Morning radio show to ask for support.  Watch his submission video below.

Though the contest ran for only two weeks, the momentum created was impressive.  The Car Dogs Facebook page engagement increased 500% and page reach grew by 2500%. Overall, the contest generated significant awareness for 'Car Dogs' during its theatrical release proving, once again, that, even with a modest marketing budget, audiences can be reached (as long as you're willing to do whatever it takes)!

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