Welcome to the Family

We are excited to work with Layrite introducing gentlemen's grooming to a new generation. 

The more we learn about the Layrite brand, the more eager we become to showcase their thoughtfully handcrafted products. The journey begins through messaging and social strategy as we work with Layrite to bring pride and craft back to the men's grooming conversation.

Layrite speaks to the artisan who finds pride in his attention to detail,  the man who carefully crafts all aspects of his life from his line of work down to his freshly sculpted hair. We aim to share Layrite's tradition through social campaigns that give a glimpse of their most intimate moments. Whether it's a snapshot of a kid's very first pompadour or a snippet from a conversation around the fire, we will help tell the Layrite story, giving a voice to the legacy of men's grooming. 

Check back soon for a deeper look into our adventures with Layrite!


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