Agile. Creative. Hydro at Heart.

Agile. Creative. Hydro at Heart.

We proudly welcome Account Supervisor Trisha Myers to the Hydro squad. 

Originally from Nashville, TN, Trisha Myers brings southern charm and a globetrotter’s perspective to her new role as Hydro Account Supervisor. Previously the Marketing Director for Auberge Resorts Collection, a resort management company where she first met Chandos Erwin as a client. Bringing a fresh perspective to Hydro, Trish is “excited to step into a collaborative environment that embraces design thinking using scrum teams and agile methodologies to problem solving.” With a passion for visual design, creative thinking and storytelling, she enjoys the challenges associated with discovering and creating unique brand voices and identities that resonate with audiences in an impactful way. Marketing is an ever-evolving field bending and changing under the fluctuating demands of technology and culture, but Trish embraces the resulting diversity and the ample opportunities for innovation it creates. She “looks forward to the opportunity to delve into multiple brands and strategically approach client projects.”

When not keeping busy here at Hydro, she can be found conquering a new international destination or stretching into a downward dog at her favorite yoga studio, Laughing Frog.

What may surprise you most is her unique hobby—dodgeball. She first joined her local dodgeball league, Eagle Rock Yacht Club  as a fun way to keep active, but it’s the sense of community she gained that has made dodgeball more than just a pastime. The league often meets for social events and they regularly volunteer and host events as part of their mission to give back to the community.

Noted. Don’t make Trisha angry… she’s got really good aim.

Welcome to the Hydro squad, Trish!



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