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This Week in Social Media

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This Week in Social Media
Dan Pritchett Social Media Manager

Dan Pritchett
Social Media Manager


Another week in the volatile world of social media is in the books!

Lucky for you, it’s not quite as volatile as the stock market (yet) and we’re here to help make sense of the week’s news with the biggest takeaways all in one place. Speaking of the stock market... it did in fact take social media’s giants along for the ride, and you’ll be surprised to see who came out on top (Hint: It wasn’t Facebook). Let’s dive in, shall we?

1. Instagram tests resharing content to Stories

Organic social media content is much easier to crank out when the platforms allow sharing. But on Instagram, re-posting others' content is a messy process. Using one of the dozens of Regram apps or downloading the content are two options, but marketers should never use these methods on a regular basis. Every once in a while, maybe. But multiple times a week? No way.

Instagram testing out the ability to re-share content on Stories is great for two reasons. First, it will make Stories even more accessible for anyone to use. Take a popular post, throw some gifs, stickers, or Type to it and boom--you have a unique piece of content that isn’t your own. Second, social media marketing will have a legit way to accredit other people’s content and populate their Stories. A win-win for the original poster and re-poster!

2. Pinterest has a new guide for sharing seasonal content

Knowing when to share content on Pinterest just got easier. If you or your clients want to start promoting something related to Black Friday, Pinterest’s new guide says users start searching for deals and shopping tips up to four months before the first doorbuster. Are you sitting on a killer piece of content about tips for enjoying the Summer weather? Pinterest advises you to start considering promoting it as early as February. This handy guide also includes top keywords related to each holiday, and you can dive into the goodness here.

3. Snapchat’s new AR masks could be very useful for marketing events

Advertising on Snapchat is expensive. But creating your own augmented reality mask in their Create-Your-Own-Lens maker is now more affordable than ever. If Hydro Studios wanted to throw another party celebrating our 5-year anniversary as an agency at our New York City office, it would only cost $17 to have our very own Snapchat filter for two days to cherish the memories—no screenshots when we’re drinking, Brittney!

2018-02-09 10_35_52-Create Your Own Snapchat Filters and Lenses.png
2018-02-09 10_39_20-Create Your Own Snapchat Filters and Lenses.png

These filters and masks could be a fun addition to marketing any event, but it could also be an option for personal, non-work related events. You can’t beat $10 captionable AR masks!

4. Twitter had a huge week!

For the first time ever, Twitter made a profit! The Q4 news led to stock prices jumping 20 percent. There were two other pieces of news about Twitter that didn’t get as much attention.

The first was that Twitter’s jump from 140 character limit to 280 actually increased engagement without increasing the average tweet length. It appears that having the option to tweet longer made users much more engaged than before. I’m sure it doesn’t hurt that we can now read the President’s early morning tweets in one swoop as opposed to seeing the first tweet, then scrolling up to the most recent.

Second came an interesting update to their API. While no one was watching, Twitter opened up its full archive to developers. TechCrunch reports that non-enterprise customers now have access to all tweets ever posted. What does this mean for marketers? It could spur new useful applications for businesses and brands.

“With access to Twitter’s history, businesses could learn how consumer sentiment has changed over time or what people have been saying worldwide about their products and services for more than a decade.”

5. Facebook marketers need to attract post comments

Facebook has been freaking out social media marketers for months now. Publishers have been in panic mode, organic reach has been declining for months, and the News Feed is undergoing massive changes on a weekly basis.

Let’s avoid what we don’t know and focus on what we do know.

Facebook’s new algorithm has started to reward content with “meaningful interactions.” This basically means Facebook will grant more Reach to content getting shares and comments (the latter being what social media marketers must attract).

As Buffer notes in their must-read piece on the new Facebook algorithm, if the post gets comments you'll see more Reach.

“Page posts that generate conversation between people will show higher in News Feed," Adam Mosseri, Facebook's Head of News Feed, said.

Important to note that content with engagement bait like “tag your friends below” will be down-ranked on the feed.

Final thought:

Don’t let Facebook’s ongoing search for their soul instigate massive changes to your content strategy--yet. LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat all offer marketers plenty of unique ways to promote content in creative ways. If you’re starting to see massive dips in traffic from Facebook, now’s the time to start experimenting with new content formats on other channels. Need some help brainstorming ideas? Fill out the form below and we'll be in touch. If you miseed last week’s social media update, click here.

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