Stonyfield Organic

Organic Brand.
Natural Evolution.

Originally founded as an organic farming school, Stonyfield began selling its healthy yogurt across New England in 1983. Today their certified organic dairy products are enjoyed far and wide. And, as any trip to the supermarket will show, “organic” has become a household word. That’s why Stonyfield enlisted Hydro. The company wanted to make sure that their online presence was as relevant as their organic mission had become.

So we proposed and executed an entirely new vision for the company’s web site. Introduced a new user experience for mobile with chatbot integration. Created original brand content for social media. And implemented new tools for measuring the brand’s digital initiatives. And we did it all in a manner that is not only consistent with Stonyfield’s heritage, but highlights the company’s four decades of commitment to spreading the word about organic food. 

  • Strategic Planning

  • Content Architecture and Management

  • Website Redesign

  • Guided Navigation and Chatbot

  • Hubspot Implementation