Space Invaders

Sure, Hydro provides a pretty awesome workplace for all of their employees in LA, Salt Lake City and New York... But no desk space is complete without the stamp of the Hydronaut sitting at it.

Over the last few weeks, we endeavored to capture the essence that each of us sprinkles across our stations of concentration.



Creative Resource Manager / Jr Art Director / Professional Wrangler

I like to keep my desk perfectly chaotic with a perfect balance of practical, inspiring and silly things. 

A woman who likes options, 2+ drink options at all times,  2+ sunglasses depending on my mood, all the pen, marker + post it options to keep things bright + orderly

A few photos: Gunnar [Elton John] Cottrell the cat + Nana "Rose Marie" in her prime, Klimt for inspiration,  a skateboard for getting to the train, the famous backpack that has seen better days + maybe the most important power suit for when I needs to kick things up a notch. 



Account Executive / Copywriter / Shenanigan Merchant

My desk surrounds me with healthy and happy thought.

Analog til I die. Notebooks, lists, post-its, brain-maps; I'll take a pen over a keyboard every day of the week. Cursive is a dying art.

Reminders of the outdoors are important to me... As are mementos from home, family and whispers in Irish.

Honorary Topanga Native - Lucky enough to grace the cover of The Topanga Messenger as an orange flower-child blob.

When bartender blood flows through your veins, having Boston tins and a perfect Manhattan recipe at your disposal means you're armed for any situation.



Digital Producer

My desk is colorful and playful to match my spirit. As a busy woman I like to have everything within an arm's reach. Pens, notepads and post-it notes are always handy in case something pops up.

I like to keep a healthy rotation of books to stay motivated and inspired. The mix currently includes, The $100 Startup, The Sun and her Flowers and Carry On, Warrior.

Some coworkers have diagnosed me with a dog shaped hole in my heart and I think they're absolutely right. One day I will have a real dog and it will be amazing! Until then, Franc (the French Bulldog) will have to do.



Art Director

Colors, textures, tools and technology, no mediums are left behind. I like to keep things light and playful at my desk because I am serious about my work ;-)    

Whether it’s dolls, photography, design, or cereal box dog heads – in my practice, execution starts through exploration.



Sr. Art Director

In keeping my desk organized, it helps to clear my mind and focus on the task at hand. I arranged my belongings because it exhibits the stimuli I'm surrounding myself with and makes for good self-awareness! 

This deconstructed scene might seem rigid to some, but I actually think the essence of creativity comes from restraints — it's not what you add to a layout/product/thing, it's what is left out.

Lastly, one might notice several sharpies and pens next to my notebook. It's from a mantra I learned awhile ago at school: "Marker before Mouse."



Partner / Director of Accounts

Working between the Hawaii office (my home) and the Santa Monica office means I need to be mobile, so I’ve really distilled my space down to the essentials. Headphones for video conference calls, a wide ruled note book for notes and to-do lists, my mouse (yes, I prefer it to the track pad) and a cup of Earl Grey is all I really need.

I find all the inspiration I need from the internet, the people I work with and the natural beauty right outside my windows. Olomana Mountain, the Ko’olaus, the birds chirping, it doesn’t matter how long you spend in Hawaii, it continually amazes.



Account Executive / Holder Down of the Fort

I have to keep my hobbies close by, even at my desk. Do snow days still exist when you're 24 and out of school?

Always have to keep myself surrounded by succulents, they keep me assured that someday I'll be able to take care of a real plant. Keeping my goals in sight on the daily. 

Guest appearance by yours truly, Ruby the office dog! She's arguably my most loyal companion, hanging out under my desk for the majority of the day until I drop a goldfish.

Last but not least, my Defender mug that never leaves my desk. Doesn't everyone else have a coffee mug designed after their dream car...?



Designer / Director of Office Morale SLC

There is a lot going on at my desk, due in part to the fact that I've never been able to sit still. Christmas lights, skis, fidget spinners, hats, skulls, you never know what you're going to find. 

My creative inspiration comes from the beauty of the Utah landscape. There is either skis or a mountain bike ready to go just in case I need to get the creative juices flowing.

 I may not live in Cincinnati, but I live and die with my hometown sports teams....mostly dying. I am typically sporting one of these Cincinnati hats at some point during the day. 

 And of course, there is always a cup of coffee within reach.