Sounds of Spring

Spring has finally matter where we are at Hydro - LA, NY or SLC.  Just ask our SONOS player... 

Take a scroll to see some of our Hydronauts' favorite songs of the season.

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Miguel, Travis Scott

I've been listening to rap music for the past couple years constantly, but the melody on this track has helped me branch out into new musical territories. It's been a long winter, and I've been waiting for warm weather for a long time. Miguel delivers the warm vibes I need and taps into my love for Star Wars at the same time. *splish* 

– Dan Pritchett
Social Media Manager


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Hazel English

It'll make you want to frolic in the fields with your best friend.

-Emily Landa
Office Manager / Marketing Assistant


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Dum Surfer
King Krule

This song reminds me that no matter where I am, I'm still myself. Biggest feels. The record is definitely my next vinyl purchase.

-Devin Tupper
Story Editor / Account Executive


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Monument Valley
Drive By Truckers

Cliché as it sounds, this song just makes me feel free.  An open road, an open landscape.  It's an escape from the noise of the world."

-Kevin Wee
Account Supervisor

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The Drums

It's an upbeat song melodically that reminds me of driving up to find waves in Malibu with the sun on my face and the laughter of friends filling my car. The lyrics remind me not to take the time I spend with the people that I care about, or doing the things that I care about for granted. The days go by and you may not realize how much you needed them until they're gone.

-Matt Moss
Partner, Director of Accounts


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This is the Day
The The

With its accordion melody and upbeat rhythm, the song evokes a Paris-like yearning along with hope for a better tomorrow. Isn't that what Spring is all about?

- Frank Lin
Senior Art Director


Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 11.38.01 AM.png

Hot Chip, Fred Falke

This was Nick's second entry next to Poolside's Slow Down... I couldn't resist my urge for him to request Hot Chip, as he cannot help but dance every time they come on our SONOS. 

He was quick to follow up with "I saw them like 12 times during springs / summer when i moved here.. about 7 years ago" 

- Nicholas Bailey, 
Account Supervisor


Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 11.58.02 AM.png

Going To The Chapel Of Love
The Dixie Cups

This song makes me feel chipper and earthly.

- Amanda Stojanov
Sr. Art Director


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Devandra Banhart

This song never fails to perk me up... catch me blaring this in my car or dancing to it around my house– perfect office behavior... ?

- Brittney Cottrell
Creative Resource Manager / Jr. Art Director

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 12.42.42 PM.png

Wake Me Up Before You Go Go

This just puts me in the mood for an orange mocha frappuccino.

- Allie Detwiler
Account Manager


Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 10.42.56 AM.png

Loving You
Jonathan Wilson

This song has been steadily playing on my various devices since I first heard it on KCRW a few months ago. I've loved Jonathan Wilson's music since first hearing Desert Raven while headed out for a surf trip a number of years back. Call it "folk-rock", call it what you will,  featuring vocals and a "cosmic zither" by the utterly hypnotic Laraaji, I call it "8 minutes and 32 seconds of goodness for any time of the day."

Chandos Erwin
Co-founder & Managing Partner


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