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Soufra Global Tour

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Soufra Global Tour

Hydro Studios & Rebelhouse Studios are happy to present the Soufra Global Tour, kicking off Oct 11th, International Day of the Girl, with Soufra debuting in cities and towns across the globe. 


The award-winning film chronicles female refugee, Mariam’s awe-inspiring movement to create Soufra, a catering company, and her tumultuous journey to expand it into a successful food-truck business alongside a dynamic team of fellow refugee women. Mariam’s journey allows us to portray the global face of female refugees, with food as a bridge to overcome all barriers. Now, audiences will be able to share and educate others with Mariam’s story as an example to better understand lives that are affected by constant political and cultural barriers.

Join us on International Day of the Girl and beyond as we kick off the film's theatrical event tour to celebrate food, raise awareness of refugee challenges and empower both women and young girls all over the world with Soufra


Theatrical Event Tour Highlights

                       10/10/18                      Chicago, IL                           Gene Siskel Film Center                 Purchase Tickets

                       10/10/18                      Denver, CO                          Denver University                           Purchase Tickets

                       10/11/18                       Seattle, WA                          SIFF Cinema Uptown                     Purchase Tickets

                       10/11/18                       Cleveland, OH                     The Capitol Theater                       Purchase Tickets

                       10/11/18                       Austin, TX                            Unity Church of the Hills               Purchase Tickets

                       10/11/18                       Salt Lake City, UT                SLC Main Library                            Purchase Tickets

                       10/11/18                       Santa Fe, NM                       The Screen                                     Purchase Tickets

                       10/11/18                       Long Beach, CA                   Art Theatre                                    Purchase Tickets

                      10/12/18                       San Diego, CA                     Arclight Theatre                            Purchase Tickets

                      10/23/18                      Portland, OR                        Cinema 21                                      Purchase Tickets



Request a Screening

Actress Susan Sarandon and Director Thomas Morgan at DOC NYC for the premiere of Soufra.

Actress Susan Sarandon and Director Thomas Morgan at DOC NYC for the premiere of Soufra.


Bring Soufra to your city!

The Soufra Global Tour kicks off Oct.11th, but there are screenings happening throughout the year, around the world.

Empower your community by creating an invaluable cinematic forum to discuss the importance of your organization's work, refugee awareness, female empowerment and social entrepreneurship, as well as encourage audience members to share newfound knowledge with family, friends, and their local community as a whole.


Film Features

 To learn more about the story, cookbook and crew, click here and watch the trailer below.