Sláinte! From the Emerald Isle

"I recently got a tiny tattoo to remind me that only I can control what happens from here on in... because let's be honest; Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained."

Kate Fitzgerald brings her creative spirit and a whole lotta brogue to Hydro's Santa Monica office. 

We're happy to have Kate join us interning with the social media and creative departments. The story of how she found her way to Hydro all the way from the Emerald Isle reads like the beginning of a good John Crowley movie.

While studying theater and performance in a Masters program at Dublin’s Trinity University, Kate met Devon Baur, Topanga native (and daughter of our esteemed Creative Director, Urs Baur), and the two formed an instant connection. Over the Christmas holidays, huddled around a fire with many pints of Guinness ("As you do in Ireland—of course") Devon and Kate formed an ambitious plan that involved Kate making a move halfway across the world and trying her luck in America. Eight weeks later, Kate was in Los Angeles and working at Hydro Studios.

It was an easy decision for us. In addition to her performance studies and passion for creative, Kate’s background also includes a diploma in digital marketing and a wealth of experience in the field from her time as Sales and Marketing Manager for one of Dublin’s most notorious pubs, 37 Dawson Street. There she was responsible for the events, promotional materials and all aspects of the online marketing which gave her a crash course in wearing many hats and being accountable for making tactically-driven creative decisions on a daily basis - aka the Hydro way.

Kate is looking forward to further exploring the potential available through the collaboration of art and technology. “Hydro is creating aesthetically and experientially engaging content in a digital culture and that's very exciting for me. I'm looking forward to not only getting to know this city [LA] as a tourist but also as a living, breathing native who works here. Everyone takes themselves slightly more seriously over here, so it can only be a good thing if some of that rubs off on me....Us Irish tend to lose the run of ourselves a bit sometimes!”

Ultimately, as she knows a good artist can cross any medium, Kate hopes to bring her experience in immersive storytelling to Hydro clients in innovative and exciting new ways. We look forward to seeing these ideas come to light and maybe we’ll even get a chance to see her perform. She’s been dancing since she was little, sang in a ten-piece Motown and Soul band for three years and somehow pulled off a 1940's Swing Trio for two.

Kate would also like everyone to know she’s also available for whiskey tasting lessons.  And to that we say, sláinte!


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