Open Projector Night

We switched things up this past #ThinkThursday with our Open Project Night, featuring a variety of excellent work by local writers, producers, performers and filmmakers.

Our second #ThinkThursday began with a buzz...

Early bird guests and nervous chatter filled the room with a bit of excited anticipation. Even though it was the same location, set up, and even a few of the same people, it was a totally different experience. Why?

This time around, the folks in our audience were not only the guests, but the presenters, too. No one really knew what to expect for our Open Project Night, making the event that much more exciting. One by one, our guests presented their work, and there were no rules (except videos being under 5 minutes, which quickly became a loose rule). One performer, Stefani Scovolo, straight outta Nashville, even presented her work without the aid of a projector. 

The initial buzz carried throughout the night—original pieces ranging from poetic self-expressions to comedic web-series took us by surprise, with the artists themselves leading viewers through their creative inspirations.


Nicole Soul’s web series Broke Brie comedically explores the realties of being a starving artist.


Hunter Adams gave everyone a sneak preview of the hilariously dry animated series we’re developing together based on his comic Blue Palms.


Maya Cryor’s SELAH– which translates to “to rest”, is a female empowering performance, complimented by spoken word in the background.


Post-pizza and wine, artists and guests, alike had a chance to discuss, connect and do what #thinkthursday is all about: come together and think about some good creative stuff.

Below are just a few of the unexpected gems we had the opportunity to screen for our special edition of #thinkthursday.

Keep an eye on our #ThinkThursday page for info on next month's event.

Have a look at some of the work shown in the gallery below.