Seaweed Dreamin'

Ocean's Halo goes straight to the experts to find out what makes their seaweed so snackin' good.

Once upon a time…four dads got together on a mission to introduce the world to a new kind of chip. But, they didn’t want to create any ole chip. They aimed for healthy, tasty, and sustainably sourced, and they eventually found it when they created their seaweed snack line, Ocean’s Halo. Now, they just had to get the word out and change the perceptions of those who've never uttered the words, “yummy seaweed,” before.

That’s where we came in. Working with director Chandler Evans, we produced a promotional spot where kids gave their honest opinion of these unique snacks. To get authentic responses, Evans interviewed kids at Evidence Film Studios in Silver Lake. A closed set and no script allowed the kids the freedom to enjoy the delicious snacks and for Evans to capture their immediate responses without the influence of parents or memorized lines.

As cute as the kids were, their responses fully came to life in post-production thanks to animation created by Aindri Chakraborty. Chakraborty’s charming work added the final touches to a spot that delivers on Ocean Halo’s mission to share a vision of a chip alternative that’s both fun and healthy in a way everyone will be sure to enjoy.

The video, Love Ocean's Halo, currently hangs out on YouTube for everyone's enjoyment, but you can catch it right here!


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