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 Michael Routh Account Director

Michael Routh
Account Director

Atlanta born Michael Routh, our newest Account Director, has nurtured a love affair with Los Angeles for the last 11 years…
They’re going steady.

Michael grew up down the street from where a famous scene from ‘Smokey & the Bandit’ was shot in 1977. The sequence features Burt Reynolds and Sally Field jumping a T-Bird over the Flint river. He lived in Atlanta until moving to LA 11 years ago. Nowadays, he can’t imagine living anywhere else in the US.

Since graduating in Marketing from Georgia University, Michael has always worked in agencies (mostly Hydro-sized) and has consistently been operating in the worlds of culture, experience and digital. When we asked why he was excited to work for Hydro he explained:

…I had a great feeling about the place even before I met Chandos. It was hard to put Hydro in a box as far as "what kind of agency are you" and I liked that. I've worked at enough small agencies to know how important leadership is in establishing the overall "vibe". I knew from meeting Chandos that this place would be a good move. I was also looking to work on a variety of clients and projects… Hydro offers that and then some.  I'm most excited about the future with Hydro, I know that big things are going to happen here.

When he’s not putting his energies into helping agencies grow, Michael is an avid reader, most recently having dipped into the work of Cormac McCarthy, Don DeLillo and Michel Faber to mention a few. He also has pretty eclectic taste in music by most people’s standards; regularly indulging in Post-Punk, Italo Disco, Cold Wave, Minimum Wave... actually, if it’s got a wave in it he’s probably into it, to be honest.

In the same vein, Michael regularly hits the waves at Malibu or Topanga and has a touch of wanderlust. His most favorite destination has been Vietnam and he often daydreams of being back on a scooter whizzing through Hanoi; he explains that it’s the one place that has really held on to him even after he left. The next planned stamp on the passport is Mexico City!

Michael is most looking forward to growing Hydro with the squad here and we are so looking forward to introducing yet another ambitious and interesting addition to the Hydronauts.