Kirt Eftekhar Spills the Popcorn

Kirt Eftekhar Spills the Popcorn

Kirt Eftekhar

Managing Director of Entertainment

Film Guilty Pleasure: Dumb & Dumber


Kirt dishes on how he got involved in marketing films, his experience in the industry, and what’s “coming soon.”

Q: How did you become the Head of Entertainment at Hydro Studios? 

A: For years, Chandos Erwin and I have collaborated on entertainment projects referring clients to one another. On all of the projects, various consultants would be hired to fill key marketing roles whether it was for digital marketing or partnership outreach. At Hydro Studios, the opportunity was there to create a division where all of these services would be handled in house allowing the company to offer content creators a myriad of marketing services. A one stop shop of award-winning creatives to handle the launch and distribution of their content (e.g. film or tv series).

Q: As someone who handles the delicate task of launching and distributing a film’s content, what do you love most about what you do?

A: I enjoy bringing various elements of a project campaign together and watching as the campaign message evolves over time educating viewers about a particular subject matter or motivating them to take action on a certain issue. 

Q: What is your favorite film subject?

A: I am fan of most genres, but am a huge fan of films based on true stories or inspired by real-life experiences such as Platoon directed by Oliver Stone or Serpico directed by Sidney Lumet. 

Q: That must explain why you primarily work on documentaries. How did you get involved in marketing and distributing films?

A: I didn’t have much choice. In 2000, I produced the award-winning documentary Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy, but due to its controversial subject matter at the time many of the traditional movie distributors thought it was too hot to handle. So, the director of the film and I set out on a one-year journey of learning the A to Z of film distribution. Ironically, the film became a big hit in theaters and on DVD.

Q: Sounds like a great underdog story. On that note, what advice would you have for those with ambitions of getting involved in the film industry?

A: Be prepared to work long hours and don’t be afraid to experience different job positions because it’s all about gaining overall knowledge of the industry and developing a wide network of contacts.

Q: Great advice, which leaves us eager to know, what projects are you working on now?

A: We are going to release the supernatural thriller, Dig Two Graves directed by Hunter Adams in theaters on March 24th.

Also, we are working on the campaign for Requiem for a Running Back directed by Rebecca Carpenter, an award-winning documentary about Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. The campaign will be used as a vehicle to educate communities about CTE and Traumatic Brain Injury. 



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