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Ryan Bell Director of Digital Strategy

Ryan Bell
Director of Digital Strategy

From humble beginnings in small town Monroe, Georgia to becoming one of the top influencers of AR and VR related content, it’s safe to say we’re more than happy to welcome Ryan Bell to the Hydro team. 

This rare gem started exploring his many skills during his time at West Virginia University, writing lyrics for Zach Brown Band’s famous hit, “Heather” while also becoming an award-winning poet with his piece, “My Dream”. Although he majored in Business Marketing and even considered a career as an addiction counselor, he eventually found a passion for VR/multimedia content. 

Ryan ran a digital media agency for 3 years before deciding to look for a more creative playground to combine all of his skills in social media marketing, live streaming and creative development. For him, Hydro Studios is a place where crazy, disruptive ideas can push the boundaries of innovation. 

In his free time, Ryan enjoys playing with his two young girls, watching school plays and challenging his ability to fit as many skittles in his left nostril as possible. Unsurprisingly, Ryan often blurs the line between work and play, constantly coming up with TV ideas, judging Emmy-nominated TV shows as a member of the TV academy, and live streaming enough events to become Periscoper of the Year in 2015. 

Ryan’s diverse skill set hasn’t gone unnoticed—in January 2016, him and his live streaming crew were invited to film former President Barack Obama’s farewell address in 360° video, broadcasting live streams on Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets. And in just a few short weeks, he’ll be the opening keynote speaker for the Czech VR Fest conference, while also attending a consulting workshop with NASA at ENGAGE 2017. When it comes to getting things done, Ryan always reminds himself, “Just keep going.”

Alright, alright—we get it. You’re amazing. Welcome aboard, Ryan! 

Be sure to follow Ryan as he hijacks our Instagram and Twitter feed next week (May 17-19) to document his time at the Czech VR Fest and Engage 2017.


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