Casey Burke

KB Home Portraits

Casey Burke
KB Home Portraits

The Whalen Family

The Whalens' home is the place where community connections are formed and their family grows together.

The Wooldridge Family

With a new home, low energy bills and strong family values, the Wooldridges are thriving. 

The Bunch Family

The Bunch's multigenerational home is a place of great cooking, loud sports fans, and lots of "furbaby" love.

"Energize the perception of our brand and grow our online community." 

That was the challenge KB Home handed to us. We worked closely with the KB Home marketing team to develop a campaign that would humanize the brand by showcasing actual KB homeowners living in their homes. We developed and produced an online video series that meets three families of different shapes and sizes living through life's challenges and success. We discovered how they use their homes, what they love about their homes, and the lives they have created there. The insight gained was then shared with potential KB homeowners through an integrated marketing campaign that included over 40 original video pieces, a collection of personal recipes, two brand spots, behind-the-scenes videos, and a wealth of heartwarming stories.

The campaign brought KB Home immediate results: 3 million unique social media views, with 2.3 million minutes watched in the first 3 months, while 978 thousand social media engagements were generated during this same period. The 1st month alone boosted KB brand awareness 19% among 25-34 year old buyers.  

The series started with three families from the Southern California area each representing the diverse and tight-knit KB homeowner community. Due to the positive response from the audience, and the success of the campaign, the series will continue to expand and include KB homeowners across the country.

The authentic and personal experience of the series was further enhanced by the families sharing family recipes or moments such as digital scrapbooking with Kristie from the Whalen Family, refinishing antique furniture tips with Marie from the Bunch family, and how to create a wall collage with Brittney Woolridge. 

Accompanying content increased the connection to these families by covering topics such as how an energy efficient home helped them achieve various financial freedom goals, or how being able to choose a customizable floor plan allowed a military family to connect better, and even how a family with diverse interests could still personalize the home they shared.

Additional product pieces, brand spots, and behind-the-scenes videos combined to create a living multi-dimensional KB Home experience.


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