Jack of all Trades...
Cami Rozanas Director of Strategy

Cami Rozanas
Director of Strategy

Cami Rozanas, a Veteran Hydronaut, returns to the mothership in her most exciting role to date – Director of Strategy.

The fire-headed Utah native has previously inhabited all of the ‘C’ states (Colorado, California and Connecticut) and enjoyed many things about all of them. But she found her way home to Salt Lake City a few years ago because it is just that, ‘home.’ She gained her Bachelor’s in Mass Communications with a PR Emphasis, from the University of Utah.

5 years ago, Cami originally came to Hydro from McCann Erickson, where she’d been working on Microsoft and Verizon Wireless marketing. The agency was just launching at that time, so she feels fortunate to have been part of Hydro from the start, to watch it grow and evolve. She took a year off from the agency world to practice marketing on the ‘client-side,’ where she had the opportunity to help implement and lead a start-up North American Marketing Communications team for a global biotech company.

However, Cami’s life is not all business. She often takes some time from her busy schedule to tread the boards with some of Salt Lake’s successful semi-pro theater companies. And makes sure to support her many thespian friends by being a devoted patron of local theatre events. Cami is also partial to a bit of Shakespeare and attends the local Shakespeare festival religiously each year.

Developing a penchant for the theater in later life was not her first taste of the Arts. Cami, in fact, was very close to leading an alternate life as a Piano Rock Goddess. As a classically trained and talented pianist, she aspired to be a Movie Score Composer. To this day she often spends nights unable to leave the keys… But luckily, she says, she understands that her other talents are just as valuable! For example, she is also an internet minister so if anyone wants to get married, give her a shout. She's legally licensed to tie the knot!

Cami makes her own lotions, perfumes, body wash, makeup remover, moisturizer, lip balms, and deodorant because

...I have super sensitive, finicky skin. So I started researching and experimenting with recipes for products I could whip up in my own kitchen, using all natural ingredients. I mostly just make them for myself, and to give as gifts to my friends. Maybe someday I'll open an Etsy shop and sell them. But mostly, I do it because it's a fun, creative outlet. For example, I love creating unique perfume blends, personalized for each of my friends.

Cami is especially looking forward to introducing this new role to the Hydro repertoire. As Director of Strategy, she will act as a resource to the account team and become a beacon of strategic planning!
Hydro is delighted to have this bubbly and inimitable Hydronaut back on deck!