Into the Wild

Allie Detwiler
Account Executive

Introducing our newest addition to the Hydro clan. Perhaps it will be more a case of Allie showing us the ropes!

Born and bred in a small town on the south shore of Massachusetts, our newest Account Executive, Allie Detwiler, seems to have spent more of her childhood and adolescence outdoors than in! She grew up hunting, fishing, camping and horseback riding (to name a few pursuits) and we are delighted to welcome her to the team. At least we know we’ll never go hungry…

In her later years, she moved to Burlington to study at the University of Vermont. She took on a degree in Business Administration which brought her on an adventure down-under to Dunedin, New Zealand to learn the Kiwi side of things for a semester. She majored in Marketing and minored in Psychology (a handy combination for Hydro Studios; you don’t have to be crazy to work here, but it helps!) Allie proudly graduated Cum Laude with her degree from UVM.

Now that she’s out in the real world, this life-long explorer has by no means diminished her wanderlust for the open air. Allie runs, snowboards and hikes regularly; she even forces herself on to a pair of skis every once in a while. Her most recent position at Snowbird in Utah meant she spent the majority of her day on the side of a mountain so hopefully her move to our Salt Lake City office won’t cause any altitude sickness.

If you look closely you’ll notice that Allie has one green eye and one half-brown/half-green eye and if you ask her nicely she'll tell you that she is named after her great, great grandmother; her full name is Alandar (pronounced ‘calendar’ without the ‘c’).

We’re not sure if the main reason Allie joined the Hydro team was because of the ping-pong table in the office, as she already seems pretty excited about the prospect of taking over Lindsay’s throne of office champion. But we certainly know her enthusiasm is infectious and by the sounds of it, this wolf-eyed, pioneering personality is ready to dive in head first to the Hydro way of life. And we’re excited to have her here.


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