Instagram is About to Change Video Marketing Forever

Instagram is About to Change Video Marketing Forever
Dan Pritchett Social Media Manager 

Dan Pritchett
Social Media Manager 

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All signs point to vertical content being the primary way mobile users consume content in the future.

Snapchat invented it, Instagram perfected it, and HQ Trivia proved it’s more than just a social media feature. When the Cambridge Analytica scandal caused the price of Facebook shares to plummet, I wrote that content marketers shouldn’t panic and remain focused on publishing content where the eyeballs are, and this stands true today.

At Facebook’s F8 developer conference last month, it surprised me how much the rise of vertical content would be changing the future of Facebook’s News Feed. Vertical content uploaded as Stories will be coming to the News Feed soon, and Mark Zuckerberg promised to make Stories ads more impactful. While Facebook’s advertising business is being optimized for this new form of content, Instagram is preparing for its boldest move yet: To challenge YouTube and Snapchat with a new vertical content hub.

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On June 20, Instagram will be throwing a special event that reportedly will announce the roll out of a new Snapchat Discover-style section within the app. Instagram’s Explore page is a great way to discover content, but Snapchat’s Discover section features curated video content from accounts one is subscribed to alongside hi-res video content from publishers

Instagram is about to take on both Snapchat and YouTube

Our most excellent partner TechCrunch broke the story that Instagram will soon allow content creators to upload up to one hour of video content to the app. This long-form vertical video content will likely be organized into a hub where users can watch similar video content seen on Snapchat’s Discover with publishers like Refinery 29, Mic., and Daily Mail.

Not only will this content rival Snapchat in being a new home for publishers, but YouTube’s biggest stars will now have different platform to earn a revenue. 

“Instagram plans to let creators earn money off their long videos, though it hasn’t finalized how yet. That could take the form of pre-roll ads or mid-break commercials, with creators potentially earning a revenue share,” TechCrunch reports.

Pairing Facebook’s advertising capabilities with Instagram’s new content hub is going to drastically change video marketing as we know it. Snapchat’s 191 million monthly users cannot compete with Instagram’s +500 million. Snapchat’s advertising just hasn't caught on with marketers, and we’ve seen YouTube’s cost per views exceed Facebook’s time and time again. 

All of this on top of Instagram opening their doors to disgruntled YouTube stars, or anyone with a large platform, sets the stage for a video platform showdown between social networks.

So what does this all mean for marketers?

Video content will potentially have a new platform for consumption within the Instagram app very soon. It’s unclear which profiles and brands will have access to uploading long-form video content, but it will be yet another chapter in social media shifting to the vertical format. Having a personality at the forefront of this form of video content is essential for success. 

We’re not all as charismatic as HQ Trivia’s host Scott Rogowsky AKA Trap Trebek, but Facebook will soon help you find the next best thing with their unreleased platform that will help businesses find influencers who can be the face of their vertical presence. 

Every brand that isn’t making room for or planning on vertical content factoring into their future content marketing efforts is about to miss a huge opportunity. Do you need help implementing Snapchat and Instagram Stories content into your marketing strategy? Hit us up and and we’ll help you use vertical content to grow your brand.