Hydro's Pride Grows

Hydro's Pride Grows

Hydro Studios joins the mission to raise HIV and AIDS awareness in the Coachella Valley!

The Desert AIDS Project (DAP) provides residents of the Coachella Valley and the surrounding areas with high-quality primary care.

They take extreme pride in the fact that their HIV and hepatitis specialty care, dentistry, and behavioral health services are all under one roof!

DAP recently received a grant to raise awareness for PrEP, a daily pill that prevents the contraction of the HIV Virus.

They came to us for assistance based on the success of our PrEP campaign for another Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), AltaMed, who service the Los Angeles area.

We are currently in the development of a multi-channel campaign that will raise awareness of PrEP in Men-Seeking-Men of color, a segment of the population disproportionately affected by HIV.

Our aim is to provide information over a large variety of channels so that at-risk populations get the knowledge and access to care that they need to lower their risk of contracting HIV.

We plan to do this by supporting provider education, community outreach and public awareness with positive and informative communications on paid, earned and owned media channels

The campaign is due to start in September and run through June of 2018.

This PrEP campaign is the first in a series of initiatives that we will be assisting DAP with and we are really looking forward to helping them continue to provide the highest level of care to those in need!


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