Hydro's Top Ten Classic TV Ads

Hydro's Top Ten Classic TV Ads

A memorable commercial can sometimes stick with us for the rest of our lives.

Many of the crew here at Hydro discovered a passion for advertising after seeing a really Good ad.

We asked our team of Hydronauts which they consider the most memorable and why.

Here are ten of our favorites:


1. Staying thirsty with Dos Equis.

Frank: "From a marketing standpoint, the soft sell in the last line always impressed me."

2. Fortuitous flatulence from Smart Beep.

Chandos: "I felt it."

3. Good things coming to those who wait from Guinness.

Kate: "The sound-design, the Melville reference, the mythical imagery. I physically cannot watch this ad without having goosebumps all over."

4. Mesozoic origami from Little Caesars.

Matt: "...It's a pterodactyl."

5. A clever plot twist from Epuron.

Urs: "It's a beautiful story complete with empathy and humour. It arcs perfectly to an unexpected end."

6. Getting lost in translation with Berlitz

Urs: "It portrays the difficulties of a language barrier in such a fun way. It turns thew stereotype and cliche on its head."

7. Making the classic can sexy again with Pepsi.

Kevin: "Man, she is so hot."

8. Orwellian Irony from Apple.

Kate: "Having always been such an avid fan of the book, I was so thankful to see literature being used in such an inspiring way through advertising. The irony in relation to nowadays is another reason why I'm amused when I watch it."

9. Distracting smudges from Tide.

Buster: "The stain's language used to always crack me up!"

10. Iconic song of harmony from Coca Cola.

Hydronaut anon: "It was released at such a time of turmoil in the world. The message was potent."


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