Creative Shoutout

Hydro's Senior Art Director, Frank Lin brings you another round up of 5 things that fuel us creatively. 


Read on for a look at some people and projects that struck us for their cause, creativity, design and innovation this month.


1. Pop Culture: Childish Gambino

One of the most talked about videos on the internet, the music video for “This is America” by Childish Gambino is layered with painful references and allusions to seminal moments and symbols in American history. So much so, that repeated viewing will reveal new interpretations, making it one of the biggest cultural statements in recent years.

2.  Advertising: KFC, Hot & Spicy Campaign by Ogilvy & Mather, HK

As marketing increasingly shifts towards digital media and new technologies such as VR and AR, a new campaign for KFC proves that a great idea only needs an image and a few words to make an big impact.

3. Typography: Paris Typeface by Moshik Nadav

Self-taught Moshik Nadav is proof that sometimes an outside perspective can provide fresh interpretations of classic forms. In particular, his typeface Paris, break many “rules” of letterform construction, yet the result is a beautiful typeface that feels like it should be placed inside an art gallery.


4. Web: Nike Reactor Microsite for React Runner Shoes

A great example of using technology to create unexpected imagery for an unexpected consumer experience. In this case, instead of customizing your running shoe in the traditional way, the site draws upon visual analogies and brings them to life with technology, for a result that’s truly engaging.

5. Creativity: You Are a Dream by Prof. G.

Author and teacher, Prof G  has recently written the book named, “You Are a Dream.” The first of a three part series, this one is actually a creative workshop disguised as a book. The goal is to help the reader reflect and gain self-awareness towards their creative process and goals. Great for those looking to open up their minds to the next level of creative expression.


Stay tuned for the next installment of Hydro's Creative Shoutout!