Creative Shoutout

Here at Hydro, we take pride in sharing the people and projects that we admire for their cause, creativity, design and innovation.


Once a month, we will be presenting 5 things that have inspired us creatively.

This month, we asked our Senior Art Director, Frank Lin, to name 5 things he has stumbled upon recently that whet his appetite for composition.

1. Tech: The Circular Collection

"A jewelry collection that is the collaboration between PC maker Dell and actress Nikki Reed, it was formed out Dell’s larger goal of recycling old electronics. In fact, all of the jewelry is made from gold extracted from old computing motherboards. One doesn’t have to be tech savvy to appreciate this."

2. Book : Linchpin by Seth Godin

"This book makes you rethink the definition of “art” and “artist” by suggesting that an artist is someone who creates value from emotional impact on others. Therefore, an artist can be a blogger, a teacher, or even a barista. It’s all about the value we provide others and Seth Godin encourages us to unleash ours."

3. Programming: Masayuki Daijima

"A programmer from Japan, now working in London, Masayuki uses his personal site to showcase his programming skills in the form of animating forms / faces — all derived from code."


3. Advertising: Adidas - Sports Need Creators

"While some might not agree, there’s no doubt that it’s a creative way to look at sports where the usual cliches of athletes working hard and looking super serious is the norm. Especially when Adidas has made big splashes with their stylish shoes, it only makes sense to take this creativity and make it a mantra for athletes too."

4. Advertising: 72andSunny - LA Original

"For promoting the city of Los Angeles, this campaign uses a unique rendering of the letter “L” from the initials “LA” to create an eclectic mix of visual symbols that demonstrate the creative possibilities found within this city."

5. Apparel: Comunity

"Started by one of the original founders of TOM shoes, Comunity merges the pride of having local manufacturing with giving back to the community. With each pair of shoes sold, $10 is donated towards local Los Angeles non-profits. That’s admirable and their shoes will garner many fans too."

Stay tuned for next month's installment of Hydro's Creative Shoutout!