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Storytelling: Twitter Chat

Managed Digital
Storytelling: Twitter Chat

Join us for a conversation about content strategy, Instagram Stories, and more! 

When: July 18, 2017 @ 11 a.m. PST / 2 p.m. EST

Where: Twitter / Join the chat following #FalconChat

Who:, A unified social media / customer experience management platform: @FalconIO

Mikael Lemberg, Director of Product Innovation and Partnerships: @Lemberg

Caitlin Brennan, Digital Content Strategist: @SeeAyeBeady

Hydro Studios, A dynamic force in strategy, design, content and technology: @Hydro_Social

Ryan Bell, Hydro Studios Director of Digital Strategy: @ryan_a_bell

All successful content campaigns have one thing in common: Storytelling! In this Twitter chat we will discuss how to use stories to create a connection with your consumers and how is making it easier than ever to tell your story on social media.

Falcon is the first social media suite that enables customers to create and schedule Instagram Stories and Facebook Carousel posts. How does this help you? It provides a holistic view of your overall content strategy (including stories!) and enhances your creativity, productivity and workflow management.

The social team here at Hydro Studios uses Falcon to maintain our clients’ social media presence. We utilize their publishing features to tell our clients’ stories, and always look for new creative ways to connect with people and grow their social reach. That’s why we’re teaming up Falcon for a wide-ranging Twitter Chat so we can all better understand how to utilize their software to keep our content fresh and interesting.  

One of the most exciting things about working in social media is the industry’s constant evolution. Fourteen years ago, most of us were logging into MySpace for the first time only to be greeted by Tom’s smiling face as our first friend. Today, many of us wake up, grab our phones, scroll through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other networks before starting our day. But one thing that has remained constant over the years is the value of storytelling on social media.

Brands, agencies, marketers, and social media professionals all know that the most important survival skill in this evolving space is the ability to adapt. Without the right tools, scrambling to keep up can lead to falling behind.

So, stay ahead of the curve and join us for our #FalconChat on July 18th. RSVP below!




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