Hydro Hobbies

Hydro Hobbies

Believe it or not, our Hydronauts live pretty interesting lives outside the workplace too!

We asked what makes them tick between 5 and 9.


Dan the longboarder


"I bought a small longboard in college to simply provide myself some transportation and fresh air on my way to class. Fast forward several years and I’ve just made the decision to up and move to NYC.

My longboard wasn’t getting much use and as I was planning on what to pack into the car before making the trek to Brooklyn I decided to keep it—just in case.

I’m glad I made that decision because there’s nothing I love more than cruising around this city in search for the perfect Manhattan view.

I grew up dreaming of living here, and thanks to my skateboard, I get a unique perspective of the hustle and bustle while trying to avoid taxis and wondering tourists alike." 

Allie the huntress


"The most rewarding part for me isn’t necessarily a kill, but just be able to take that time out of my day to spend time outdoors. Plus, most people who hunt like this use a rifle, practically guaranteed success every time.

Using a bow takes a bit more patience to figure out and in my totally unbiased opinion…more skill.

Bonus points that I can bring it whenever I go camping and shoot beer cans off stumps without disturbing anyone."

Matt the taro cultivator


"Taro, or kalo as it’s called in Hawaiian, is a sacred plant in the Hawaiian culture. It’s defined as the plant from which Hawaiians as a people were born in the Creation Chant and was a staple of the ancient Hawaiian diet.

I’ve been working with my cousin to restore these ancient kalo patches for 4 months now and love it. Every task has a clearly-defined objective, plant this patch or weed that patch or clear this land and build a new patch.

It’s hard, manual labor that leaves you physically exhausted but the results and impact that you have on the land are instantly visible.

I get the satisfaction of eating food I grew myself and sharing it with family and friends. I also feel like I’m preserving an important part of my culture by learning to cultivate kalo and passing on that knowledge to others.

At the end of the day I think that being a successful person is about leaving the world a better place than you found it and this is a small way I can do that."

Emily the pup rescuer


"Before I started at Hydro, I worked at an animal rescue for six months, and it wasn't easy saying goodbye. So, I decided to become a volunteer on the weekends, bringing along the two pups I adopted from Paw Works.

It's an incredible feeling being able to witness the growth of rescued dogs and cats, and their ability to trust and love despite their heartbreaking backgrounds.

As cheesy as it sounds, they really do save people, not the other way around. That's why Paw Works will always have a special place in my heart. I still have many more weekends of snuggles, rubs and poops to come." 

Kate the songstress


"My mom always sung so I have been singing as long as I can remember.

Singing at family occasions is such a huge part of our culture at home in Ireland too, it's not seen as showing off, it's about sharing something with the people around you.

I started with Musicals, then got my voice trained as a teenager and ended up singing with a Motown Band for nearly 3 years, and then most recently a 1940s Swing Trio.

I sing at home every night with the piano or guitar and always have done, it's the only time in my day when there's genuinely nothing else going on in my head, a break from my thoughts."

Brittney the artiste

Britt Paint

"I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands - whether it be sewing, collage, or clay… but there’s something about painting that really resonates with me.

The thing I enjoy most about painting is the ability to take a feeling - taste, smell, sensation, sound and translate it into something physical.

Whether it be watercolor on bristol, acrylic on linen or spray paint on wood, the act of painting helps me to kind of “defrag” my brain - a way to process my experiences and feelings and let them go in a way.

Whether I’m painting from a positive, negative, or most times ambiguous place - it feels good to let go and make space for other experiences."


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