Happy To Be Green

Happy To Be Green

To celebrate World Environment Day, we're highlighting a few of our clients that are actively making the world a greener place!


KB Home

One of the country's biggest players in new home construction, KB Home has always been at the forefront of sustainable building practices, providing homeowners with a variety of eco-friendly options that will give their homes smaller carbon footprints and cost savings on their energy bills. From providing Energy Performance Guides for every new build to their home of the future Projekt House, they are proof that sustainable practices don't have to be pushed aside for higher stock prices.

Green Production Guide

Brought to you by the Producers Guild of America (PGA) and a group of eco-minded studios and production companies (The Walt Disney Company, Paramount, Amazon Studios, Amblin Partners, Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers, and NBC Universal ), the Green Production Guide website and its downloadable Toolkit assists filmmakers and studios in their efforts to ensure film and television productions have the smallest environmental impact as possible.

Something we find very useful here!

Revenge of the Electric Car

After the success of Who Killed the Electric Car, director Chris Paine returned with Revenge of the Electric Car; a feature film documentary about the revival and subsequent race to construct the electric cars we're all so familiar with today. Since the film's premier, electric cars are now a common sight on our streets with manufacturers around the globe racing to be a part of this growing movement.

Looks like the electric car's revenge is just getting started!

Stonyfield Organic

The company that started as an organic farming school has now become one of the most active voices in national conversations about sustainable farming and healthy food. Good thing too since their yogurt is so good! 

Make sure to follow their example this World Environment Day with their 6 step plan that everyone can follow to make the world a greener place. 


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