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Hydronaut Eurotrip

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Hydronaut Eurotrip

Last month, a group of very lucky Hydronauts set off to Germany to meet up with our clients at Smiths Detection and lead them through a HubSpot training seminar.

Allie Detwiler gives us the behind-the-scenes scoop on the trip below. 


Day 1: The Hydronauts set sail...


Here's a phenomenal shot of James & I with the pre-Eurotrip giddies before boarding our first flight to Amsterdam. Our smiles might have faded a bit 4 hours in…

Day 2: Zurich


After a 9 hour plane ride across the Atlantic to Amsterdam and a quick hop down to Switzerland, we arrived at our first destination - Zurich!  It might not have been as glamorous as it looks; we were lugging five rolling suitcases across cobblestone streets for about an hour back and forth from our lunch spot to the train station. Cue dozens of Swiss people glaring at the loud Americans. Whoops!


Day 2.5: St. Anton

WE MADE IT TO AUSTRIA! A quick 2.5 hour train ride through the Swiss and Austrian alps ended up here, in St. Anton! Kind of nice when your boss who’s taking you on a business trip to Germany is up for a pit-stop to ski the weekend before. You can see the stoke on James’s face. Just look at it!!! St. Anton had gotten a couple feet of fresh snow the past couple of days prior to us getting there. Polar opposite of what’s going on in Utah right now


Day 3: Hitting the slopes

First day on the mountain proved to be a good one. Note: the lack of people and the abundance of white. Thank god for Buster bringing the Hydro bottle along cause we were certainly hurting a bit from the night before.


James & Buster feeling pretty good after the first few runs. Not many people ski off piste here, so it’s safe to say we had a great time making fresh tracks all day. Luckily, Buster wears an entirely blue outfit when he skis, so we were never separated.


Day 4: The Great Escape


We had a little bit of  transportation crisis when we set out for Wiesbaden from St. Anton. On Sunday afternoon, it snowed so hard that all transportation was shut down out of St. Anton, and our only way out was to take evacuation buses out of town with police escorts. Exciting stuff. Add in a train ride to Innsbruck, Austria, a plane to Vienna, then another to Frankfurt, Germany. Now we’re only a half hour cab ride from Wiesbaden! Woo!


Day 5: Back to Business


We finally made it to Smiths Detection for our training! We weren’t allowed to take any pictures in the facility, so here’s the best we could do. Our training consisted of a group of 20 SD employees from all over the world. A few from Singapore, some from Maryland, a couple from London, and one from Dubai to add to our daily clients in Wiesbaden. We started the day with some intros and funky facts (a Hydro classic) and started to get to know the group of people we’d been working for over the past 8 months.

The goal of the training was pretty simple, to get everyone into HubSpot and comfortable, we just tried to get them to recognize how easy it is. We reviewed the playbook that we had been putting together over the past 5 months, which essentially takes inbound strategy and applies it to the specific goals and needs of Smiths Detection. It includes information such as setting up a campaign for an event (large or small), a product launch, sending out a newsletter, or executing a three tiered inbound campaign.

Our HubSpot Training Demo during the second half of the day was where people were really able to get their hands in. We had set up a mini-campaign in HubSpot with step by step instructions on putting it together – landing page, initial email and thank you email included. The team learned how to add their own copy, add images, and got accustomed to our naming schemas and organization in HubSpot. Once it was all said and done, everyone on the team had successfully created a campaign in HubSpot and was able to view their own metrics! Going forward, we hope to act as consultants and problem solvers for campaigns, instead of handling every aspect of development.

Of course we went out for a celebratory dinner afterwards, schnitzel and tons of beer for the team. Plus, it was my birthday next day, so we did a bit of celebrating before our extensive journey back to Utah. 


Yet another successful trip for the Hydro crew! We consistently strive to be as accessible to our clients as is possible, no matter the geographical challenge! Thanks once again to Smiths Detection for having us and to HubSpot for providing us with our CRM tool of choice.