Swiss Army Woman
Emily Landa Marketing Assistant

Emily Landa
Marketing Assistant

We’re thrilled to add another affable film buff to our Santa Monica office who brings her strong marketing and social media background to the team

Emily grew up just a short drive (with no traffic) from Hollywood in Camarillo, California where she discovered her passion for film at a very young age. Watching classics like West Side Story, Chinatown, and Singin’ in the Rain with her father inspired her to follow her dreams and work in the film industry.

Naturally, Emily went on to study film and digital media at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Her first job in the industry was as an internship at Digital Media Factory in the Bay Area. Working alongside veterans and owners Ginny and Marty Collins convinced her that the film industry was where she belonged. To this day, Emily still misses working with their vintage Super 8 cameras.  

After graduating in 2015, Emily launched her professional career as an Assistant Production Coordinator for Sullivan Productions. Learning the ins and outs of scheduling shoots, contacting and collaborating with clients, acting as PA and Teleprompter Operator was a thrill for any recent college graduate. One of Emily’s favorite projects was working with Mike Sullivan (fun fact: he was one of the first cameramen from the popular TV series “COPS”) and helped shoot a teaser for Disney Channel’s “Movie Surfers.”   

From there, Emily then made the leap into the agency world. She was hired on as a Social Media Strategist where she managed John McNeil Studios’ social channels and worked with clients including CA Technologies and Polycom’s Olympics campaign. With a background in production and a passion for writing, Emily proved to be a valuable asset by being able to perform a myriad of tasks around the office which might explain why her favorite recent movie she’s seen in theaters is Swiss Army Man.

*SPOILER ALERT (sort of): If you’re sensitive to spoilers, and plan to watch the film soon, it might be wise to skip the next two paragraphs*

“I think he’s alive because he’s just too interesting and useful to not have those powers. I think he was just hiding [the fact that he was] a dead dude and was full of magical usefulness.”

Her favorite aspect of the film is the protagonist’s obscure yet essential role in the film’s plot. “You never really know if Manny (Daniel Radcliffe) is just a dead dude, or is actually a magical farting motorboat.”

Why not both?!

In her spare time, Emily loves spending time with her two dogs Mister and Indigo. Mister is a 5-year-old pug and Beagle mix, and Indigo is a 2-year-old Schipperke and Chihuahua mix.

We asked her if she could have any one superpower what would it be?

“I would love the ability to zap my favorite food in front of me at any moment. I would love to just zap a donut whenever I wanted.”

Here’s to hoping she gets her wish and can start zapping donuts for the whole office soon.

Welcome to the team, Emily!


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