Dolls Play

Dolls Play

We (literally) created some really unique characters for the Desert AIDS Project 'PrEP n Play' campaign

Working with the Desert AIDS Project has proven to be an exciting endeavor for many of us here at Hydro. The freedom that the client gave Hydro Studios to play with such an important subject matter resulted in a campaign that was truly unique and greatly showcased our experience in cause-related marketing.

We developed the 'PrEP N Play' web series as part of a campaign for DAP and the CDC to raise awareness of PrEP, a drug that can prevent the contraction of the HIV virus. The campaign centers around a series of sex-positive, real-life testimonies from LGBTQ men and trans women in the Palm Springs area. Early on, we recognized that the manner in which we presented these testimonies would need to be fun, accessible and most importantly: strive to not alienate their target market. 

Thus spawned the idea to produce our own bespoke, one-of-a-kind Prep n' Play dolls designed in the image of our real life interviewees. With stop-motion, we used the dolls to re-enact the stories captured in the interviews. 

Building the dolls from scratch was an epic journey in itself and you can check out some of the process below:

First, the doll heads were built in ZBrush, a digital sculpting tool. They were then printed by a 3D printer that uses filament to construct the shape. 

These 3D Prints were then used to create silicon molds for both the heads and bodies. 

Chemical processing was used to then pour resin into the mold and create the doll's one-of-a-kind shape.

There were 13 separate molds for the heads alone as there were 13 different characters in the series.


Once cured and completed the doll heads were sent to a specialty doll painter in Mexico City. This specialist also creates doll wigs through an intricate gluing process and synthetic hair.


Once complete we worked with a stop-motion artist to create the animations that would accompany our real-life recorded testimonies. Have a look at the first two episodes below and be sure to then visit to get the full skinny!

Stay tuned to the Hydro Website for an in depth update on the Desert AIDS Project's 'PrEP n Play' Campaign.

For now, check out the first three episodes below: