PrEP'n'Play: A Case Study

PrEP'n'Play: A Case Study

With the Prep'n'Play campaign now its fifth installment, we sat down with our clients at the Desert AIDS Project to speak with them about why the campaign was so effective. Who better to tell the story than our favorite set of dolls?

The PrEP'n'Play campaign, funded by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), brings the anti-HIV pill, PrEP into the spotlight while also emphasizing the importance of getting tested and other prevention methods like condoms. 

Today, the use of PrEP and sexual health awareness campaigns like our PrEP'n'Play campaign are making great strides toward minimizing the spread of HIV. So much that some organizations like Desert AIDS Project (DAP) are now working toward the goal of completely eliminating new infections in their regions. 

Contrast this optimistic outlook with DAP's early days when care options were extremely limited. During that time, being a part of the LGBTQ community was not only taboo, but life-threatening.  HIV/AIDs infections were rampant and the available treatments were hard to come by and largely ineffective. In many communities across the U.S., HIV/AIDS positive individuals were being marginalized and had limited access to information or care. DAP was started by members of the community living in the Coachella Valley to provide knowledge, treatment and care for HIV/AIDs patients without judgement and has been doing so for over three decades. 

"In those early days, it was really about helping people at the end of their life."
- Tom Tarr, Director of Client Development for DAP

From DAP's humble beginnings, the organization has grown to be a Federally Qualified Health Care Center providing primary and preventative health care services to a wide range of patients from all around the Coachella Valley. As knowledge and treatments for HIV/AIDS progressed over the years, so did DAP. Game-changing options like Pep and PrEP have dramatically decreased the transmission rate of HIV/AIDS, especially among high risk African American and Latino communities.

With the help of our PrEP'n'Play campaign, DAP has seen a huge increase in both PrEP and PEP enrollments, as well as positive responses from not just LGBTQ communities, but  also heterosexual and health care groups. As you've likely discovered in our case study video above, data is our friend. 

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