Snap. Tweet. Share.

Snap. Tweet. Share.

We are pleased to introduce Dan Pritchett to the Hydro family as our new Social Media Manager.

After studying journalism and English at Northern Illinois University, Dan cut his social media teeth at The fast pace environment exposed him to creating social media content for influencer partners, including celebrities like T-Pain, The Game, Ludacris, Scott Disick, Kelly Rowland and many more. His experience also included writing content for sponsored ads on Facebook, and improving social copy and content that drove more traffic based on the analytics and content performance reporting he managed.

Dan is excited to work at Hydro because he is interested in the diversity of our clients and the opportunity to strategically collaborate with each one to develop and maintain an unrivaled social media presence. “I want to do everything in my power to help our clients have a social media presence that stands out compared to their competitors.”

“I’m just a big digital news media junkie in general. I’m fascinated with how publishers and influencers are adapting to the constant changes on social media. I’m passionate about social media because it has become an integral form of communication and nearly limitless in its potential.”

When he’s not tweeting, posting and developing social strategies for our clients, Dan can be found exploring NYC on his longboard or hunkered down in a local theater, taking in as many films as he can. Dan also enjoys reading nonfiction, especially his favorite author Eric Schlosser, and dystopian novels.

Because Dan is such a digital media junkie, most would probably assume he’s never far from a screen, but they’d be surprised to learn that he actually subscribes to The Washington PostThe New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal. He prefers the paper over the screen when he gets it, and Maureen Dowd and The Haggler’s column are the highlights of his Sundays.

We admire your passion for media, Dan. Welcome to the tribe!


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