The Art of the Deal

The tenacious salesmen in our latest film, Car Dogs are willing to do "whatever it takes" to accomplish their goals and so are we.

Car Dogs, a feature film starring, George LopezNia Vardalos, and Patrick J. Adams , explores the intense competition between a car salesman and their team as they hope to sell more cars than have ever been sold in 8 hours.

We are pleased to announce our role in managing the film’s distribution, marketing and press initiatives. Our first step is setting up the film’s release exclusively at Harkins Theatres across the Phoenix valley to test the film’s reception for a wider release and further marketing efforts.

Why Phoenix, AZ valley? The film was shot on location in Phoenix and Scottsdale, was written by Scottsdale native Mark Edward King, and directed by Arizona State University’s visiting professor of filmmaking, Adam Collis. Our entire marketing effort is pursuing not just the Phoenix community, but also focuses on those involved in the automotive dealership industry and those who enjoy a raucous comedy.

In an attempt to create buzz across social media, we've created 'The Ultimate Car Dog' sales contest, where fans of the film can submit a 30 second sales pitch about the automobile of their choice.

We're also managing events where the stars of the film will have opportunities to promote it, including a NASCAR race, an Arizona Diamondbacks game and a Phoenix Coyotes hockey game.

We have much more planned for this film and can’t wait to share it with you. Check back here for updates!

Enjoy the trailer below!


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