The Big Picture

Urs Baur
Creative Director

We’re pleased to welcome Urs Baur—and his passion for brand storytelling—as our new Creative Director.

The concept of connecting with your audience through a distinct brand story is quickly becoming a marketing staple. With technology changing what that conversation looks like, on a near daily basis, brands need to think and react quickly to maintain a cohesive story that can remain flexible across platforms and relatable to a sometimes widely diverse audience. 

Urs Baur has 25 years’ experience crafting strategic brand communications and content. His passion for the relationship between evolving technology and communication and the power this combination has on effecting change in communities, made him a natural fit for Hydro.

What drew you to work for Hydro Studios?

I’ve known Chandos [Erwin – Hydro co-founder] for many years. We used to work together at a boutique agency called Hamon & Associates. I was CD back then and Chandos headed up the ‘interactive department’ as it was then known. I enjoyed very much working with him and I’ve always kept an eye on what he’s been up to since. On a recent outing on his sailboat he asked if I’d help out on a client pitch. I haven’t left since. 

And we’ve been happy to have you. How can you say no when you’re on a boat anyhow? Now that you’re here, is Hydro currently doing anything you are excited about?

I believe Hydro is at a very interesting point in its evolution and is poised to get more attention and attract new clients. I see Hydro filling a critical need in today’s fast changing branding and content space. Between its multi-disciplinary teams in Salt Lake City, New York, Chicago and Santa Monica, Hydro has built an impressive cross-disciplinary network of talented individuals who collaborate seamlessly in developing outstanding work. Hydro already attracts clients who are looking for a trusted expert. One who can help them hone and amplify their voice and messaging consistently across multiple channels, and can help navigate a complex environment of emerging technologies, trends and changing consumer behaviors. Hydro is really good at identifying and reaching niche audiences and building experiences that produce measurable results. So, to answer your question, I’m impressed with what Hydro has been able to build and I see huge potential.

How do you see the craft of storytelling working within Hydro’s creative touch?

I always try to see the big picture first and then trust in the process to reveal the essence, or core of a brand, or story. Everything we build from there must map back to this essential truth in order to feel authentic and to create a connection with the audience. Story has suddenly become “the new currency,” where our craft really has always been about good storytelling. I think I can add a lot to Hydro by bringing focus not only to the work we do for our clients but how we see and tell our own story.

Now that you’re a part of the Hydro story, we’re curious—what keeps you busy when you’re not crafting brand messages? 

I’m passionate about collaboration and creating spaces and opportunities to foster creativity and facilitate the exchange of ideas. So, I can’t help to blend work and “time-off.” I’m the co-founder (with my wife Sara) of the Topanga Film Institute & Festival, a non-profit dedicated to exploring the intersection of storytelling and technology. I’ve always been fascinated by new tools and technologies that enable us to explore new forms of storytelling. I believe that in order to see the change we want to see in our communities we need to inspire and empower the individual to believe they can make a difference. We also have three kids, 25, 21 and 14. We have 2 dogs and some other animals running around. So, when I need some time to myself I escape to my place near Joshua Tree. 
Where there’s nothing. 
Which I like.

It’s always good to find a place to clear your head. Do you have any favorite words or thoughts you live by?

Winston Churchill – “When you’re going through hell – don’t stop.”
Words that have served me well in the past.

Agreed. Welcome to the family, Urs.


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