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Agency Services

Hydro Studios is a growth agency offering marketing and technology solutions that range from strategy and planning to design and development to campaign management and analytics. Founded on the belief that technology should empower, not inhibit us, we create innovative, human-centric, data-driven content and customer experiences that deliver measurable results.

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Strategic Planning

Whether a brand is evolving or just getting off the ground, we work with businesses and organizations of all sizes to understand both their customers and their challenges. We then define goals and success metrics so we can build better products, make more compelling content and plan for results driven marketing campaigns.




Navigating the connected world can be complicated. Finding ways to connect the worlds of organizations with multiple business units, variegated customer databases and a multitude of user-interfaces, while also complicated, is a challenge we relish. For years, we have been helping our clients come up with innovative solutions to common business challenges by building intuitive interfaces and applications that remain true to the organization's marketing goals.




No matter how well-planned a campaign may be, it still needs to communicate effectively and engage audiences with creative, on-point messaging combined with well-designed user-experiences and visual interfaces. From outdoor to digital, we work with our clients to design the branding, content, technology and marketing elements that resonate with the target audience and deliver on the campaign goals.


Inbound Marketing

Inbound is the new Outbound. And Outbound doesn't work without Inbound. We get Inbound Marketing. And we work closely with our clients to find the right combination of content, technology and communications workflows to develop effective marketing and sales funnels that turn leads into customers for life.


Media Planning, Buying, and Management

We never wanted to be a media buying agency. Let's make that clear. However, with communications platforms and publications rapidly blending into one and same, we've come to realize that media planning and buying have to be an integral part of any brand's campaign from the start. We know how to track and attribute conversions from practically any source, and most importantly, spin the dials so we can make good on those campaign promises.


Content Marketing

No marketing campaign is complete without content. Whether it comes in the form of e-books, infographics and white papers or gifies, web series and documentaries, we understand the importance that content plays in attracting and then driving customers through a sales funnel. We also understand that, in order for it to be effective, content needs to be able to stand on its own and be compelling and engaging.